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Livestream #6

Hey Lodge Members!Join us at 8PM tonight for a great livestream with our guest Jason from Paranormal Patio. Jason has a fantastic story about some synchronicities he experienced that tie into the investigation, and involve the mysterious book Etidorhpa, Livingston County, KY, Aleister Crowley and

The Tunnels of (Somer)Set

One of the first things that emerged from our early investigation into Somerset's darker history were the numerous stories about tunnels beneath the town and throughout Pulaski County. There are, in fact, as we unexpectedly discovered, a number of different tunnels and tunnel systems running

Livestream #4

Hey Lodge Members!Tonight at 8pm we return for Livestream #4! We'll be talking about the numerous UFO sightings in Pulaski County and around Somerset, as well as some of the most famous from the Penny Royal region, and our research regarding the effects of strong