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"The narrator, the person telling these stories... they're trying to prove to everyone else who might be listening that they're an authority... and they have to structure their story in a very specific way."

"Magic is not like making someone disappear or making some stupid shit happen or somebody's possessed... it's fourth dimensional time magic."

"You have to be careful because, as Crowley says, some of them... they bite, they're hungry and if you put yourself in their food trap, they'll eat you. "

"The crooked path... the path, back to this place that of origin, which is in of itself a brutal initiatory experience."

"We write these things, and they just... get repeated enough and mythologized enough that they all become true in some kind of perverse, fucked up way."

"You drive through a pool gore and you turn around and you see you're making tracks on the road with blood... coyote blood."

"There could be something mythical and ancient as hell down there... this whole reality we live in could be made up as hell, so why not explore every range of it you can."

"They said that this creature undulated in the sky over them. And when it was directly overhead, they saw that it was actually transparent. If they looked hard enough, they could see the stars through it."

"It's got two names, right? Even the state has two names... one, the dark and bloody ground, but also the happy hunting ground, both of which would designate them as belonging to Pan, who is the master of the hunters, and the master of bloodshed too... the ritual shedding of blood."

“I was overcome by curiosity at this point... this was all getting curiouser and curiouser seeming to me. Like it didn't seem quite real. I was real keen to see how far that was going to go. And in fact, the man behind the desk had one eye and one arm...”

“The irony is not lost on me that we were afraid we were going to meet people that we had rumors were in these caverns worshipping the devil... at the end of the day, we ended up being the people in the caves summoning, for all intents and purposes, the devil...”

“He flies to LA, drives out to Roswell, kidnaps a baby, and then takes it back to the Philippines...”

“They were having drug parties in the tunnels... they were doing seances, there's pentagrams on the floor, they're taking the meds from the residents and divvying them up... and it all started when the kid was found dead...”

“Magic exist outside of space and time, so when you do magic, really what you do is project your consciousness outside of space and time, and from that vantage point you see a tapestry of everything that has happened...”