Faun Film Sneak Peek (and Strange Sound)

Hey Lodge Members!

This week instead of extended audio I thought I’d share a peek at some of the footage from the Faun film with Dan Dutton. This is a clip of one of the interviews/readings of notes from the original production of the Faun opera. Dan has notepads from that time filled with his thoughts, quotes, dance and movement notations, original musical scores and his musings on the meaning of the Faun. We shot this particular segment earlier this week, and I previously mentioned in the private Facebook group that at the end of the scene Dan and I were interrupted by some weird wailing just outside the sculpture studio where we were filming. If you don’t feel like sitting through the entire video, you can jump to the 6 minute mark and the sound can be heard a few seconds later. It sent all of the animals outside (chickens, geese, dogs, pigs and goats) into a frenzied panic. The video is password protected, so use the password faun to gain access.

And I thought this would be a good opportunity to announce that Dan Dutton will be joining us on this coming Monday’s livestream in the studio. You guys will have the opportunity to ask him any questions you want, and we’ll be talking about the Faun film and other projects related to the Secret Commonwealth and The Stone Man, which are in the works. All of these touch upon the mystical, magical and elemental world that is foundational to Dan’s compositions. It’ll definitely be a fun evening and a fantastic conversation.

– Nathan

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