Livestream #5

Hey Lodge Members!

Tune in tonight at 8pm for our next weekly livestream. Here’s what we’ve got planned for this evening’s broadcast… We’ll kick things off with a Q&A. We haven’t taken the time to do that yet, and there’s so much info and documents and angles in this investigation, we’d love to hear from the Lodge members and see what questions the group might have. You can ask us anything you want. And then Darian is going to update us with new changes to the Channelbot. He’s added features that will allow users to share their session data with a central database, and then all shared sessions will be data-mined for patterns within each set. This is going to provide a great platform for us to experiment with mass and group channeling using the Channelbot. We might even test it out tonight if folks want to give it a shot. We’ll also be talking about what we’ve got planned for the Lodge in December — new evidence and articles, updates to the Liminal Lodge section of the website (organizing the newspaper articles and other research in an easily accessible format), guests on the livestream, access to new software and tons more! And we’ll round out the livestream with a few strange synchronicities that happened last week. Hope to see you there!

– Nathan

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