Kyle Kadel on UFO Sightings (Penny Royal Extended 1.3)

Hey Lodge Members!

We’re back again this week with more stories from Kyle Kadel, associate producer for Penny Royal and curator for the International Paranormal Museum here in Somerset, KY. We wanted to include all of these great stories, especially UFO sightings, in the first season of the show but time wouldn’t allow it. So join us on this extended audio edition for Kyle’s re-telling of the Hopkinsville Goblin encounter, the famous Stanford Abduction, and his own UFO sighting on the Penny Royal. 

Kyle has spent the last week in the Sedona, AZ area, and has brought back some additional stories and encounters with high strangeness from that trip, which he’s going to share with all of us on the upcoming livestream on Monday, Nov. 23rd. And the topic for that livestream will be UFO sightings in this region, with myself and Darian discussing many more details about weird sightings of things in the sky over Somerset and Pulaski County. Don’t miss it!

We’d love to hear about any encounters or UFO sightings that you’ve had as well!

– Nathan

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