Wolves and Psyops

Richard Spence, historian and author of the “Empire of the Wheel” and “Secret Agent 666”, sent Darian and I this article a few days ago. He thought we might find it an interesting addition to our research.


The first thing that jumps out at me is the Canadian Military carrying out a psychological propaganda operation during a global pandemic when people are already terrified… it seems counterintuitive to frighten the already panicked local Canadian populace just to see if their wolf story has an effect.

The mention of the operation being carried out by the Halifax Rifles is also interesting.

“The Halifax Rifles (RCAC) is a Canadian Army regiment that served between the years of 1860 and 1965 before being reduced to nil strength and placed on the Supplementary Order of Battle. The regiment was reactivated on May 10, 2009,[1] as a reserve force unit performing the role of armoured reconnaissance. It is the first and only regiment since the 1960s to be reactivated from the Supplementary Order of Battle.” (From Wikipedia)

Their mission task is stated on their home page: “A number of Army Reserve units have been assigned specific Mission Tasks. Members within these units are trained in these specific capabilities and ready to be fully integrated, as a formed entity, into the Regular Force units that they reinforce. The mission task for our unit is: Influence Activities – A company of 52 members, which is trained in the employment of population group influence techniques, including Psychological Operations and Civil-Military Cooperation, to provide behavioural and psychological effects on those populations in support of a Commander’s intent or mission.”

The only Canadian regiment reactivated since the 1960s is running a “wolves on the loose” psyops campaign driving around the Annapolis Valley? I did a little digging on that specific area and it’s the indigenous homeland of the Mi’kmaq native tribe. They’re notable for having the oldest written language in North America (north of Mexico), and oddly enough it’s a hieroglyphic language. A very strange hieroglyphic language.

None of this is terribly far from Shag Harbour either, site of one of Canada’s most famous UFO encounters (which occurred shortly after the Halifax Rifles were officially disbanded). And it’s been suggested that Shag Harbour was a psyop by some researchers as well.

Another thing that is strange, reading this article in the Ottawa Citizen, is that the IP addresses for the emails that Greg Newkirk received from both David Christie (actually Parsons) and the purported Terry R. Wriste, came from Ontario and Halifax. They dismissed this outright because there “wasn’t anything there” in Canada, and definitely nothing connected to their investigation. 

Is it possible those emails were part of some weird propaganda campaign in 2012 (and continues today)?

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