“The Lord’s Handwriting”

Hey Lodge Members!

We’re very excited to share this article that we found in the July 24th, 1894 edition of the Cincinnati Inquirer (on Page 4), with the headline “Handwriting of the Lord on Corn in Pulaski County, Kentucky.” The symbols purportedly appeared on corn stalks growing in the field of T. B. Turpen. 

“The puzzling thing about the tracery on the blades is that it is geometrically correct, and, were it not that the proof is indubitable otherwise, would be taken for the handiwork of man. The markings are discernible on both sides of the leaf, the green coloring matter between having entirely disappeared.”

“Inquiry among the oldest inhabitants fails to reveal anyone who remembers of its appearance in the past. The superstitious are  strengthened in their belief that there is something supernatural in the ‘handwriting’ by the fact that it appeared in the field of Mr. Turpin. On the other hand, the materially minded point to this isolation as proof that it was caused by a peculiar bug or caterpillar.”

We have not thus far been able to find an exact match, but I believe that it may be Ogham or Runic script. These, in my opinion, are the closest in shape and apparent syntax. I’ve included in the images above an example of written Ogham and a chart of Runic script for comparison. And here’s an interesting (and brief) articles about Ogham and the magic of plants: https://medium.com/@agoodhusband/the-ogham-script-an-argument-of-fairies-2ff969457b8c

It’s just so incredibly strange that it would appear in some farmers field in 1894 in Pulaski County, KY of all places. But then again, why are the strange things we’re discovering all clustering here in this area? 

I’ll post these images in the Lodge Facebook group as well. Let me know what you guys think! 

– Nathan

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