Digital Channeling Sessions with the Channelbot

Hey Lodge Members!

We’ve got a special experiment for everyone to try with the new application that associate producer Darian West developed over the last few months. We’ve been trying it out with spooky results, and we’re excited to see what messages you guys receive. 

It’s in the development stage, so definitely let us know if you notice any bugs or have any questions about how to use it or interpret the results. There are settings where you can adjust the Entropy Threshold as well as the Sample Size for the text from Crowley’s Book of the Law. Both will have an effect on your results. Currently the Entropy Threshold is set at a 4 by default, and this can be raised or lowered. But Darian cautions that anything lower than 3 is too common and anything higher than 5 is extremely unlikely. He’ll be hopping into the Liminal Lodge secret Facebook group today to answer any questions (and you guys can always message us).

Also, Darian has provided an article explaining our working theory regarding channeling and how the Channelbot relates to our current research regarding information systems, cybernetics and channeled intelligences (like the Nine and Ra). It’s a pretty fascinating deep dive that I think you guys will enjoy.

These are Patreon exclusive pages on the Penny Royal website, so you may be prompted to log into this content using your Patreon login. We’re trying out the Patreon plugin for exclusive content so that we can keep all the Liminal Lodge experiments, reading lists and articles on the website and package them for easy access to the community (as opposed to searching through old posts on the Patreon website). 

Hope you guys enjoy! Can’t wait to discuss the results!

– Nathan

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