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One of the things that we cut out of the first season of Penny Royal (for the sake of time) was a section on the history of the Mammoth Cave system, which is fascinating in and of itself. I highly recommend reading about the Kentucky Cave Wars, the haunting of Mammoth Cave by Floyd Collins (which ended up being one of the most famous news stories in history), and the connection between Mammoth Cave and the first known work of interactive fiction ever created: Colossal Cave Adventure. The latter, also one of the first text-based adventure computer games, was created by Will Crowther and Don Woods between 1975 and 1977. In the game, the player directs a character through simple text commands to explore a cave filled with treasure. What most people don’t know is that Crowther was a caving enthusiast who modeled the game’s cave system around the Mammoth Cave system. 

“YOU ARE IN A MAZE OF TWISTY LITTLE PASSAGES, ALL ALIKE,” was the oft-repeated phrase in the game used to describe the player’s surroundings. And for me, this phrase was a perfect metaphor for the Penny Royal mystery. The deeper we continue to dig, the more twisty little passages we find, and it is indeed an ever-growing maze of information. The game also uses a magic word that allows the player to teleport between two locations. And that magic word was “Xyzzy.”

So… to access the secret Facebook group page for the Liminal Lodge, click the following link:

And the answer to the question, “What is the magic word?” is Xyzzy.

I’ll be checking throughout the day and approving member requests so that everyone has access. And if there are any issues, email me at or message me via Patreon or Facebook. 

Thanks for all the support!



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