Meteorites are discovered on a local property, signaling the beginning of a year of “strangeness.” Is there something beneath the surface of the Penny Royal drawing people and otherworldly forces to the area?



The Penny Royal is host to all sorts of strange phenomena – famous UFO sightings like the Kelly-Hopkinsville goblins and the Stanford Abductions; cryptid sightings of Sasquatch and phantom cats; inter-dimensional interlopers and portals; witch cults, secret societies and    



Is the massive spike of geo-magnetic energy beneath the Penny Royal, referred to by NASA as the Kentucky Anomaly, affecting the people who call this area their home and causing an increase in violence? Or is this energy being used by secret societies or cults for dark rites and magical workings for some unknown purpose?



.                  Artist Dan Dutton takes a trip to Elkhorn City on the eastern border of Kentucky and Virginia and crosses into a                       liminal reality where the archetype of Pan confronts him, and he’s told to beware the “monsters in the church.”