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“The Lord’s Handwriting”

Hey Lodge Members!We're very excited to share this article that we found in the July 24th, 1894 edition of the Cincinnati Inquirer (on Page 4), with the headline "Handwriting of the Lord on Corn in Pulaski County, Kentucky." The symbols purportedly appeared on corn stalks

Livestream #3 Tonight!

Hey Lodge Members!We're back for another livestream tonight at 8pm EST (but the video will be available in the secret Lodge Facebook group if you can't make it). We'll be revisiting Aleister Crowley in Kentucky, Breaks Interstate Park and "The Moon" painting, the Tunnels of

Researching Folklore (Part 1)

Hey Lodge Members!This is the first installment in our series about researching folklore, looking for sources, finding tools and effective methodologies and so much more. I'm not a folklorist, but a lot of the research that we've undertaken over the last few years has definitely

Livestream #2 Tonight at 8PM: Channeling the Nine

Hey Lodge Members!Tonight at 8pm we'll be going live again via Streamyard in the secret Facebook group.  Since we've been experimenting with the Channelbot the last few days, the topic for the evening is going to be channeling. Channeling and the story of the Nine and

Digital Channeling Sessions with the Channelbot

Hey Lodge Members!We've got a special experiment for everyone to try with the new application that associate producer Darian West developed over the last few months. We've been trying it out with spooky results, and we're excited to see what messages you guys receive. It's in

Wolves and Psyops

Richard Spence, historian and author of the "Empire of the Wheel" and "Secret Agent 666", sent Darian and I this article a few days ago. He thought we might find it an interesting addition to our research. first thing that jumps out at me is

First Livestream at 8pm Tonight

Hey folks! We're going to go live here at 8pm! Test run with Streamyard. We'll have Facebook up as well, so let us know if there are any technical issues. And if you can't make it, we'll make sure it's available to watch afterward.

Accessing the Secret Facebook Group Page

Hey Lodge Members!One of the things that we cut out of the first season of Penny Royal (for the sake of time) was a section on the history of the Mammoth Cave system, which is fascinating in and of itself. I highly recommend reading about